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oil painting, surrealism, symbolism, realism, shop of paintings, Ideal gift, flowers painting, oil home decor, art flowers, Handcrafting,
oil painting, surrealism, symbolism, realism, shop of paintings, Ideal gift, flowers painting, oil home decor, art flowers, Handcrafting,

Natalia Butenko (SKY PEARL)

"My desire is to create works that will

especially touch the strings of the soul of each person,

fill your heart with joy and make you think "...


Sky pearl is a painter whose name is Nataliya Butenko. She was born on the 16th of November in the 1977.She is Ukrainian and was born in Poltava in a large family. Her parents, Dudnik Vasyliy Fedorovich and Lyudmila Petrovna, are simple workers. Nataliya lives and works in Poltava.She has a husband whose name is Butenko Oleg Ivanovich and two children - the son Butenko Oleg Olegovich who is twenty years old and the daughter Butenko Alyona Olegovna, who is eleven years old. Alyona was adopted by Nataliya and her husband when she was two years old. Nataliya is in a happy marriage with Oleg for already twenty one years.

She started actively to paint pictures from 2010, and by 2017 she has organized more than 35 exhibitions in Poltava,Kiev, Kharkov,Dnipropetrovsk. Her pictures were gifted to the Gallery of arts, Society of Deaf people,Boarding school of deaf children, libraries, churches of Ukraine, Poland, Japan,Sweden and USA.

Her pictures are bought by people of all over the world including such countries as Poland, Russia, Japan, Qatar,Sweden,Canada, Israel, the federal republic of Bashkortostan, Germany and different cities of Ukraine.

Before she was working in different spheres of creative work. She was painting different items, making the decorations,working as a designer-former,designer of the interior,designer of advertisements and others.

She started to study oil pictorial art on the canvas at the age of 33.She was taught by different artists and had some additional individual lessons from Elli Milan (USA), Trochimetz-Milyutin Viktor Alexandrovich,Perepelkina Yulia,Tarasenko Alexandr Kirilovich- an artist and Head of the Department of Architecture. From 2016 she is the head of All-Ukrainian Social Organization of "Creative Christians".

She paints pictures with oil paints in the style of symbolism,sometimes she experiments with realism, vanguard, fauvism, abstractionism, sometimes she mixes all the styles together for the better expression of the depth of meaning,as her main style is symbolism. Her pictures are written because of especial inspiration,that is why her works are written in the only one exemplar, the exact copying is impossible. All her pictures are absolutely author's and unique.

In her works she uses the technique designed by herself that is called the technique of breathing touch, in which the copying and exact repeat are excluded. Her pictures will be always singular. Thanks to the professional use of oil paints of different thickness and time of drying it reflects incredible overflows of colors and combination of paints,creating the effect of watercolor, marble,glow.Her pictures are painted in oil on the canvas of high quality. Also it has frame,including which, the picture looks much better. Nataliya writes her pictures under a pseudonym Sky Pearl as she doesn't consider her talent to be hers,she considers it to be given from God.That is why she doesn't want to praise her name. Nataliya always says:"My desire is to create the works that will be especially touching the strings of the sole of every person, filling heart with joy and making people ponder."

Do you want to help the artist Sky Pearl?

Sky Pearl(Nataliya Butenko) as any artist needs help for her future development very much. She needs for the organization of exhibitions, her own workshop, paints, brushes and another instruments and materials for her work. As she says laughing:"Don't gift me the flowers! Gift me the bouquets of brushes and paints!" That is why if you want to help her in the development and support in her creation you can transfer your help on the bank card "Privat Bank". 5168 7573 1740 6256- Butenko Nataliya Vasilievna. If you are from another country and wish to help, you can make the remittance through MoneyGram or Western Union at the data of Ukraine, Poltava, Butenko Nataliya Vasilievna the phone number +38 050-637-26-44 and send code for the receipt of the financial help at the email: edem.poltava@mail.ru

Also you can help the artist buying her picture, telling about her works to your acquaintances- that will be also very good help for the development of the artist. Thank you very much!

Contact details:  edem.poltava@mail.ru, +38 095 00 88 197, +38 050 637 26 44